General characteristics of production:

  • It is situated in Nizhniy Tagil town in Sverdlovsk region on the territory of the former “Vysokogorskiy mechanical plant”
  • There work 180 people
  • Total working area is 15000 m3.
  • All the necessary lifting mechanisms and devises including bridge crane with tonnage 20 t are available.
  •  Production facilities include more that 400 units of metalworking, welding, gas cutting equipment also with PNC and different machining attachments.
  • In 2009 the production is certificated according quality management system ISO 9001-2008 (conformance certificate K № 21447).

We produce:

  • Processing of complicated contoured surfaces at the NC workstations of turning and milling groups
  • Machining of large-dimension corps items
  • Cutting of straight-toothed, oblique-spur, herringbone cog-wheels and pinions
  • Production of worm-gears, star-wheels for chain transmissions of all kinds and sizes.
  • Producing of spline external and internal surfaces
  • Planing works
  • Grinding of flat, butt, external and internal surfaces
  • Automatic, semiautomatic and hand weld of steel metal constructions and nonferrous alloy items
  • Building up of ligate, wearproof, heat-resistant steels and bronzes
  • Clean plasma and gas cutting of steels and nonferrous metals on the NC workstations
  • Laser cutting on the NC workstations
  • Case-hardening with high frequency currents, plasma hardening
  • Heat treatment
  • Upkeep and reconstruction of different units and equipment

List of main technological opportunities of heavy equipment

  1. Turning: max Ø1250 (above saddle max Ø940), length of processing — 9000 мм
  2. Turning with PNC made by Doosan и РСЗ: max Ø1000 (above saddle max Ø900) length of processing – 4500mm
  3. Milling: max size of the desk 1000 x 5440 mm
  4. Planers: max size of the desk 1400 x 6000
  5. Boring: spindle diameter — 160 мм, width/length of working surface of slab: 4500\4200
  6. Vertical boring mill: max processed Ø3150, biggest hight — 1600 мм
  7. Gear-hobbing: max module – 20, max Ø2100, biggest width of cut wheel – 760 мм.
  8. Tooth shaping: max module – 12, max Ø1250, biggest width of cut wheel – 260 мм.
  9. Tooth planning: max module – 10, max Ø500
  10. Round grinding: max Ø800, length of processing – 5600 мм
  11. Internal grinding: diameters: 8 – 220
  12. Plane grinding: 2000х400х500
  13. Honing: diameters: 70 – 500, length – 2000mm
  14. Foreign machining centers Heckert and Buffalo Machinery: desk sizes 1000 x 1000 and 1500 х 660
  15. Section of welding and assembling of metal constructions is equipped with gas cutting and airy-plasma machines with PNC, opportunity to cut the sheet 2000 x 6000 with thickness to 300 мм, sheet folders, guillotines, rollers, foreign welding semiautomatic machines Migatronic, laser sawing plant for sheets листа1250 х 3000 with thickness to 6mm on the base of fiber-optic laser IPG
  16. High frequency currents hardening: max Ø 180 мм, length 5000 мм.
  17. Manual and mechanized case plasma hardening.

P.S.: Given list is not complete and shows only part of technical opportunities of our company.

We suggest you collaboration and invite specialists to become acquainted with our manufacture.