LLC “RPF “MetMash” has developed new production nomenclature: in February 2012 there were manufactured and dispatched to one of the drilling companies two vessels for containing of diesel oil.

The project of the vessel is done in compliance with customer’s assignment and demands to that kind of production.

The vessel that has volume 5 m3 includes:

  1. Tank forge-rolled with black sheet having thickness 5 mm, for the bottom thickness of the sheet is 8 mm.
  2. Sledge from the pipe 219×8 mm with side frames.
  3. Folding trailer coupling to transport with tractor.
  4. Upper hatch D 500 mm with inner ladder and outer service platform.
  5. Breathing valve (breather).
  6. Device for measuring an amount of oil (probe with points in 0,2 m3)
  7. Hand pump for injecting oil with capability 18-20 l per min (0,4 l /double stroke)
  8. Ball cock for filling up (pouring off) the oil
  9. The devices for filling up (pouring off) the oil are placed in vandal box with the lock.

The vessel maintenance temperature is from -400C to +400C.

Vessel dimension is 4000x1900x2200 (H) mm

Weight (without content) is 1950 kg

There is available manufacturing of the vessel with thermo-insulation, chops and changes of construction are possible according the demands of the customer.



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